What is Design?

As designers, we need to firstly understand what design is and what design means to us before we can start any form of design work proper. As the 1st assignment for our MA Design programme at Lasalle, each of us were tasked to come up with our own definition of design. 

I believe that something always begins with a problem or issue. After identifying the issue, we will need to dissect and analyse the data available. It is only after we understand the situation, we can add our creativity to the equation. As a web designer, I experienced instances where one has to choose between aesthetics and usability. I truly feel that making a product or service user-friendly is key. Any embellishments would destroy a design if it goes into the way of allowing users to use the product or service effectively or efficiently. Just imagine a website filled with many hi-res quality images and user interactive features but ridiculously slow loading speed. How frustrating can that be! 

Credits: Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com