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This book, co-authored by a group of experts from different field of studies (business, marketing, anthropology, medicine, ICT, design and computer interaction), focuses on the

study of the ageing population staying “connected” and relevant in their society. Case studies from different countries are used to complement the concepts discussed. Chapter 3 illustrates the risks of disconnectedness, its causes and proposed solutions. Retirement, poor health and mobility and the death of spouse are the three transitions in life identified that cause one to be “socially dead”. Humans, including the retired, crave for recognition and being regarded as competent in their community. This is in line with my research of fostering a sharing culture among the matured adults to provide opportunities for them to contribute in terms of knowledge and skills. This book provides the foundation to my research as social wellness is a huge part of active ageing and is one of the key issues that I plan to focus my study on.