The book features a series of photographs by a local award-winning photographer and a keynote essay by the Director of Research at Lien Foundation. Lim’s uses photography as his medium to showcase the various issues that matured adults are facing in Singapore. The photographs invoke a sense of sadness and guilt to the viewer, but also a sense of hope as there is still time for us to do our part to make a difference in our society. Basu discussed in her essay that many institutionalised matured adults are living in nursing homes due to lack of care at home rather than medical needs. She suggests more investments in assisted-living or community care communities are essential to increase the independence and mental health of these matured adults. This is supplementary to my research as it provides an inside look at some of the lifestyles of the aged and the views and perceptions towards ageing. One limitation is that the photos are curated and might not be representative of the rest of the population. Statistics and data from other sources might be used to strengthen the case.