Field Study: Bukit Timah Day of Giving 2019

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Date of survey: 30 March 2019
Time of survey: 2.15 pm – 3 pm
Address: Bukit Timah Community Club (CC), 20 Toh Yi Drive Bukit Timah Singapore 596569

Video from Bukit Timah CC

All-in-1 Event

Yesterday, I was invited to attend this inaugural social cause event by a friend. A total of 21 volunteer welfare organisations came together to advocate their belief in spreading the spirit of giving and volunteering. Many of these organisations were selling handicrafts to raise funds while others are scouting for volunteers. I think this was my first time I have seen an event with so many social organisations. The place was also very crowded with people of all ages. 

Inflated playground at the entrance
Happy children
Food catering

The Organisations

Organisations taking turns to introduce their cause
CPR Demonstration
St. Luke's Eldercare
REACH Youth Services
Therapy Dogs Singapore
Silver Generation Office
Obedient dogs posing for pictures
Metropolitan YMCA
St. Andrew's Autism Centre
Hey there, Buddy!


There were 2 huge boxes situated just outside the hall for people to bring their unwanted things from home for donation. After the collection, the items will be separated and given to the appropriate social organisations. In addition, this also helps to reduce waste of resources. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 

So many umbrellas!
More unwanted things

Final Thoughts

This event was designed as a carnival where families can come together to have fun, which helps to promote intergenerational bonding. I believe that it is important start educating the young that about giving and volunteering; to help the less fortunate in our society. If we do not inculcate these values into our Singapore children, our society would grow to become one that is selfish and unsympathetic. We should have more of such events in future. Perhaps, each organisation can set up a mini game booth and the kids could collect stamps upon completion of an activity. At the end of the day, the filled stamp booklet can be exchanged for a small gift. I feel that something like this might encourage the children to learn more about the social causes.