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Keywords: Accomplishment, Family, Travel, Learning, Life

Complete my task as a parent like supporting three children until they complete their education. To tour to any dream destination. To study the origin of human being and the universe.  

-Mr Joseph Tan, 65, Singaporean

Self-employed, Personal Driver

Keywords: Money, Housing

Rich. Big house. 

-Mr Jason, 53, Singaporean

Full-time, Engineer

Keywords: Love, Family, Life

To have a loving family. L means love and live. 

-Ms Jennifer, 51, Singaporean

Full-time, Banker

Keywords: Accomplishment

A super high rise building with no restrictions, no limits, no preconceptions. Interlocking, intersecting, interacting between spaces, forms, functions. A design to last, to be remembered like the pyramids! 

-Mr Le Corbusier, 58, Singaporean

Self-employed, Architect

Keywords: Housing, Happiness, Family, Home

The lego blocks represents a door full of colours, signifying a secure roof and vibrant and happy home for my family. The 6 little blocks at the bottom represents my family members. My dream is simple — for us to have a warm and comfortable home filled with laughter and happiness. 

-Ms Magdalene, 58, Singaporean

Retired, Bank Officer

Keywords: Home, Housing, Happiness, Peace

To build my own home that’s as beautiful and vast like a castle, to have my own land that is free of worries and negativity. 

-Mr Edwaard, 60, Singaporean

Retired, Property Manager

Keywords: Travel, Time, Money, Health

Travel the world. The world is like a gigantic kingdom. Each coloured blocks are different destinations. One day, I hope to have the time, money and health to conquer each place.

-Ms Carol, 56, Singaporean

Part-time, RC Manager

Keywords: Interests, Regret

I wanted to be an artist or furniture designer. Using the Lego, I intend to build a palette. Never had the chance to pursue drawing or painting, I always wanted to design colourful furniture but ended up painting chairs, tables and even walls instead. 

-Mr Tan Kwang Koon, 60, Singaporean

Semi-retired, Carpentry & Renovation

Keywords: Memories, Interests, Helping Others

I was a tailor before my kids came along and I hope to spend some time to sew again. I have been feeding stray cats for 15 years and I’ve been saving and neutering strays. It always pains my heart to see starving and suffering cats so I wish that I can start a cat shelter for strays.

-Ms Toh Sew Ben, 63, Singaporean

Retired, Housewife

Keywords: Accomplishment, Memories, Travel

I designed a “50th Anniversary United Nation coin for Singapore in 1995 and it has become a coin of remembrance. It was an honour to design this commemorative coin for Singapore. I hope I get a chance to design another artefact or coin that can represent Singapore or the world. Despite travelling to 80+ countries, I still hope to explore the world. 

-Mr Chia Moei Song, 63, Singaporean

Retired, Trainer

Keywords: Money, Future, Family, Friends

In ten years, my dream is to buy a private yacht. Wishing to have my 70th birthday party on a yacht with friends and families. 

-Mr Kim, 58, Singaporean

Self-employed, Fund Manager

Keywords: Interests, Happiness, Accomplishment

No more dreams and aspirations but an interest to continue to build something and to get the joy. The joy of being creative. The joy to see and the ability to build in small or big scale.

-Mr Jerry Tan, 57, Singapore PR

Self-employed, Project Manager

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