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Date of Attachment: 3 June 2019 – 5 August 2019
Address: Blk 12, Eunos Crescent #01-2767, Singapore 400012

Hours: 143.5 hrs

Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society (CHWSS) was officially registered with Registrar of Societies and subsequently granted Institution of Public Character (IPC) status by the Commissioner of Charities in 2004. In 2005, CHWSS became a full member of National Council of Social Service (NCSS). 

Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society operates a medical centre and 6 TCM clinics island wide providing pro bono traditional Chinese treatment and medication to the needy. It also offers other charitable services such as providing food ration, education grants, visit to homes, and bringing the elderly for tours etc. In October 2012, Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society established an Afterlife Memorial Service – this service provides free funeral and columbarium service to those who require such services, regardless of race and religion.

Extract from CHWSS

4-Weeks Attachment

Video from CNA Insider

Role: Intern

  • Assist the Eldercare Programme Executive, David, to reach out to the Senior Activity Centres (SACs) and plan outreach programmes to promote Afterlife Memorial Service (AMS) to the elderly at the SACs and Community Clubs
  • Assist the Outreach Welfare Executive, Jas, for home visits, medical escort, and befriending the elderly during the visits to rental flats and nursing homes
  • Assist the Eldercare Programme Executive, Ming Hao, to arrange and organise weekly activity for AMS members at Wellness Centre

Daily Tasks

Home Visits

I followed Jas and David to 1-room rental HDB flats for home visits. Our objective is to search for the prospective members that needed our help — those who are of low-income and do not receive care from their family or children. CHWSS’s goal is help remove the worry that no one is going to care for their afterlife arrangements after they passed. The funeral arrangements are planned according to their religion and personal preferences. 

We do also provide other services such as befriending, house cleaning etc. depending on the needs and requests.  

Sharing with prospective AMS member
Delivering rice
Visiting an AMS member
Vacuuming under the bed
House cleaning


CHWSS occasionally organises roadshows at senior activity centres (SACs), which are usually situated under the HDB 1-room flats. This is an outreach programme to promote the services of CHWSS and also an event where participants could express interest to be an AMS member (if they fulfill the criteria). After the event, we will arrange for a home visit with interested participants on another day to discuss further. 

Whampoa Sunlove SAC
Quiz time
Giving out prizes for the correct answers
Goodie bags
AMS team photo
Lions Befrienders (Ghim Moh) SAC
Trying out our newly created interactive quiz
Participants enjoying their refreshments
Giving out prizes
Participants listening attentively
Staff and volunteers

Ad Hoc Duties

We escorted an AMS member to Tech Able at Enabling Village to register for a highly subsidised motorised scooter as he was having pain when walking. The person in-charge of handling the case brought our member on a test drive to teach him how to operate the vehicle and navigate around the neighbourhood.

Tech Able at Enabling Village
Going for a test drive
Crossing the road
Going up the ramp
Entering and exiting the lift

One of our AMS member was moving house to a studio apartment. As he was not mobile, our team escorted him to Courts to purchase furniture for his new home. On a separate day, we also offered to help  pack his things and move them over to his new place. 

Boarding our van
Shopping for a new bed
Choosing bedsheets
Looking at washing machines
Moving house

Special Events

True Hero Charity Gala Dinner (7 June 2019)

The annual anniversary dinner is the main source of donations for the charity. Every year, CHWSS raises over S$1 million through the support of generous donors. The programme included speeches by our Chairman, entertainment by seniors, and charity auctions of art pieces. 

My main duty was to help the staff and volunteers set up the venue at Suntec Convention Hall (prepared goodie bags, door gifts, lucky draw, awards, card swipe machines etc.) before the guests before the guests arrive in the evening. 

Preparation before event
Art pieces for charity auction
Group photo with my colleagues

Take a Beautiful Photo (23 June 2019)

AMS members were invited to our Wellness Centre at Ubi for a photo taking session. Besides taking professional individual portraits, the members were also able experience a virtual tour to an overseas destination of their choice. Volunteers helped the members do their make up and dress up accordingly to match their chosen destination. There was also a film crew from Channel U documenting the event. 

Behind-the-scenes of photoshoot: 

Applying make up
Choosing the country to visit
Seniors waiting for their turn
Jas chitchatting with the seniors
Group photo with staff and volunteers

New Initiative

CHWSS Super Sundays

We implemented a new initiative called CHWSS Super Sundays. The aims of this new initiative is to promote the pro bono Afterlife Memorial Service (AMS) to needy seniors living in one-room rental flats and (perhaps of higher importance) is to bring love and care to these seniors on the 1st Sunday of every month. 

Programme highlights includes: 

  1. Breakfast distribution
  2. Goodie bag distribution
  3. Free haircut services
  4. House cleaning
  5. Community outreach
My main duty was to capture key moments (photography/videography) of the event. I was tasked to create an event recap video, which would be released on their social media platforms. 

North Bridge Road (7 July 2019): 

In July, we launched the first Super Sunday at North Bridge Road. The event went surprisingly smooth, especially since it was the 1st time it was organised. 

French Road (4 August 2019):

For our 2nd Super Sunday (1 week before National Day), we donned our red and white apparels and included the distribution of Singapore flags in the programme.