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Card Game Trial #2

17 September 2019

Card game lo-fi prototype
The game trial started off with Ace, Abi, Dana and me
Javier joined in midway

I did a trial for my card game during class with my classmates. We tested the game’s mechanism (rules and procedures, actions, objectives). We also went through each of the cards to test if the questions we proposed would cause a disruption in the game. General consensus was that the game flow was smooth and the instructions were easy to follow, but some of questions were slightly problematic.


  • Clear instructions and objectives
  • Helped me recall nostalgic past memories with my family
  • Made me reflect and appreciate my parents and grandparents more
  • Brought out narratives and stories, but the game would only work when there is a facilitator
  • Works well for the workshop but might need to be take a more adventurous approach after it
  • Some of the questions were difficult to play in a interracial setting as the answers to them were cultural
  • The joker cards are fun, maybe can have more
  • The joker card on calling your parents and say “I love you” is very apt as it seems like something that is very easy to do, yet difficult at the same time
  • Some joker cards could link back to the theme of family, for e.g. there was a card that would require a player to do the funny dance. This could be recorded and sent to your parents/grandparents

Updated Workshop Details

24 September 2019

Workshop Title: Senior Savvy Starts at Home
Date: 5th October 2019
Time: 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Venue: The Red Box, 113 Somerset Road, Singapore 238165


  • To influence the young generation to be more aware and mindful of their current relationships with their older family members
  • Empower the participants to take the first step to improve their current familial relationships
  • To find participants for future user testing of intergenerational games and activities
  • The whole process will be documented on video for future use

No of participants: 10 youths/young adults (provided by Youth Corps)

Time Activity Sequence Details
1.35pm – 1.40pm Introduction 1. Short introduction by Project Somebody
2. Introduction of participants
1.40pm – 1.45pm Warm Up Activity 1. Everyone starts with both their hands clenched
2. Each participant takes turns to share 1 activity they have done with their parents/grandparents
3. Participants who had done the same activity would lift 1 finger
4. The game ends when everyone has all their fingers opened
1.45pm – 2.00pm Game 1: Act It! 1. Participants will be divided into groups of 5 + 2 facilitators (leader and timekeeper) per group
2. Each player will be assigned a number each
3. Players will take turn to draw a card from the card pile
4. The player will press the number generator to choose a partner for the round
5. The partner will have to act out the answer to the question on the card and the player would have to guess the answer within 30 seconds
6. If the answer is correct, both the player and the partner would choose an art stationery from the basket as a reward
2.00pm – 2.05pm Sharing of Thoughts/Reflection 1. Short reflection and sharing of things they could do with their parents/grandparents
2.05pm – 2.15pm Game 2: Write an Invitation Card 1. The stationery from the previous game would be used in this activity to create a simple hand-made card to invite their parent(s)/grandparent(s) to do an activity together (can be something that they had never done together before)
2. Participants will seal the cards into an envelope and we will mail it out for them
2.15pm – 2.25pm Closing Reflection 1. Short interviews and feedback on the workshop
2. Gather participants for the next workshop

Things needed:

  • 2 x stationery boxes
  • Art materials (markers, colour papers, envelopes, stamps, stickers)
  • 1 x laptop
  • 1 x projector
  • 2 set of prototype cards
  • 1 x photographer (Liang Hong)
  • 1 x videographer (Saiful)
  • 4 x facilitators (Yu Siang, Julian, David, Shiu Heng)