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Date of visit: 10 September 2019

Time: 7 pm – 8 pm
Address: LASALLE College of the Arts, 1 McNally St, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, Gallery 1, Singapore 187940

This exhibition explores the expansive nature of design as an experience, process and worldview. Featuring projects by staff and students from LASALLE’s Faculty of Design, it investigates the role of designers in imagining our collective future.

Design is a key driver in global conversations about technology, the economy and the environment. Collaborative forms of design—through cooperative societies, co-working and living spaces—are central to innovation. These interactive, shared models enable designers to pool resources and better engage diverse communities.

Encounters presents a window on LASALLE’s Faculty of Design as a site of collaborative knowledge and cultural production. The exhibition spans different zones which unpack the inspirations and encounters that have guided design projects at LASALLE in recent years. 

Extract from LASALLE’s Faculty of Design


Wooden clogs
Luxe, minimalist accessories
Humans standing in as mannequins
Beautiful models of buildings
Up-close look
Furniture for Forgotten Spaces
Exploring the potential and constraints of odd spaces
The design of the mirror is one of my favourite
The technology room
Interactive 3D animation controlled using the console
Interesting crane-like structure
Soundtrack of the city
There's more at the back
Print media and typography
Using organic waste to create new usable objects
Speculative look at sending the most intelligent Singapore women to space
Magazine design inspired by brutalist architecture
Abi reading on the future of food
Documentation of selected students' work
Flipping through the pages
Commemorative book to celebrate SG50 with 18,388 images of everyday life and objects
Zero-waste square fashion to reduce over-consumption
Light display