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Month of Issue: January 2018 
Editor-in-Chief: Jonathan Chang 


The Inclusive Index: Common Terms in the Discourse of Social Inclusion
by Trang Luu


This article provided some of keywords and topics of concern currently in our society. Many of these words are related or indirectly related to the scope of the research project. 

Reconciling the Divide: A Chat with Bill Drayton on Social Inclusion
by Tamara Prabhakar


Bill Drayton mentioned that it is essential to empower and train more people with the idea that everyone and anyone can be a “changemaker”. Anyone who developed empathetic capabilities and relevant social skills can design tools or frameworks to help alleviate or solve problems. Everyone has the biological capabilities, but they have to be developed and practiced. The social entrepreneur would be the role model who empowers others that being a changemaker is practical and highly-respected. Soon, others would be inspired to become role models of their own rights. 

Special Delivery: An Afternoon with Three Ladies behind Mamre Oaks
by Han-Peng Ho and Trang Luu


It’s amazing how these 3 extraordinary ladies were able to contribute so much to help the special needs despite their small team. Through social engagement and positive interactions through their daily programme, they were able to break down barriers and form friendships. It is this small little steps we need to take to move towards a move inclusive society. 

“Die-Logue”: Elderly Isolation and the Need to Talk About Death
by Mark Lin


I agree with Mark Lin that we might not truly understand the nature of senior-inclusiveness. Bringing disconnected seniors back to a society is something that is quite tricky. We need to careful when we are placing introverted seniors in social settings. If it is too forced or abrupt, it would drive them away instead of drawing them closer to the group. Mark Lin mentioned a very interesting point where he says that instead of boosting social interaction, it is important to first talk about the “end” in mind and be mindful of their mortality. This would allow them to re-evaluate the meaning of life and re-initiate their desire for human connections. 

Three Cheers for “Freaks”, Misfits and Immigrants
by Don Bosco


Inclusiveness is the “quality of including all sections of society” and also has associations with the idea of tolerance and acceptance. It is about creating the experience of reaching out and being amiable to others including your family, friends and even strangers. Don Bosco has an interesting way of instilling this idea to the younger generations which is through the children books that he write. One example was how he included an elderly Kickass Zombie Fighter in one of his books.