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Singapore and the world are facing ageing population amid the fast-moving digital era. The number of dementia, depression and suicide cases among the senior citizens are increasing each day, heighten the risk of mortality among them.

Can we do something to lower the risk? Or at least preserve their best memories for them?

They may not be a national hero or made any great contribution to the society. But still, they are somebody. The tacit knowledge of the “ordinary” older generation is lost despite they are the ones who have been through the toughest time. They all have stories to share; they all have something to teach us. Wisdom comes with age. There should be no regret in growing old.

Project Somebody aims to help the senior citizens to live their golden ages with dignity. The first step to achieve this is to promote inter-generational bonding – within the family and even beyond the bloodline. We hope to strengthen the values of filial piety (孝, xiào) in our society and pass on the knowledge through the generations. 

Extract from Project Somebody

Working with Project Somebody

I was introduced to Yu Siang, one of the team members from Project Somebody, during my residency. We chatted and learnt about each other’s project. Our projects have very similar goals — to create better understanding between the generations and achieving this through intergenerational bonding. We thought that we could join forces and do something together. This past weekend, I met up with the rest of the team members as well. Currently, we are co-designing a workshop organised by Youth Corps. The event is to be held at The Red Box on 5 October. I am collaborating with them on a card game, which we would also be testing out during the workshop. 

Team Members: Chieng Yu Siang, Ng Liang hung, Julian Choo, and David Yeng

Rough Plan for the Workshop

Workshop Title: Senior Savvy Starts at Home
Date: 5th October 2019
Time: 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Venue: The Red Box, 113 Somerset Road, Singapore 238165

Workshop Description

This workshop aims to encourage young adults to care for seniors, starting at home. Through interactive games and activities, the participants will get to reflect on their relationship and understanding of their seniors. At the end of the session, participants will write a personalised card to their seniors and we will help to mail out the card on their behalf as a surprise gift to the seniors at home.

Workshop Sequence

10 mins: Introduction & Ice-breaking, “I’ve ever…(done something with my parents/grandparents)” game. Participants take turns to introduce themselves and say 1 thing they have done with/for their parents/grandparents. Other participants who have never done that will have to close 1 finger. When all fingers are closed, the player is eliminated. The last remaining player wins.

5 mins: Sharing of thoughts from the ice-breaking game.

20 mins: Card game activity, break into groups of 3-4 (3 groups), participants sit in a circle and write down their names on the “Role card”. Players take turns to draw a Role card and a Question card. Based on the question, the player has to guess the answer of the Role person. The Role person have 30 seconds to give hint by acting out the answer. Both of them have to write down the answers on their respective whiteboard and show at the same time when the timer ends. If both of their answer matches, they get to choose a reward each (in the form of materials for card-making). If not, they will get a random forfeit (choose from Forfeit card deck).

20 mins: Write an invitation card for parents/grandparents to do an activity together on a specific date. Participants can choose to share in groups the activity they have chosen and why. Participants pass the card sealed in an envelope to us and we will help to send out the card (participant can also specify a date for us to send out (within a month)).

5 mins: Wrap up. Looking for participants to do a pilot play with their parents, which will be documented and for us to improve the game mechanism & content.