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Rethink & Re-plan

After going through the workshop plan with my co-supervisors and some of my classmates, I realised that the 1st ice breaker activity (“I’ve ever…done something with my parents/grandparents” game) for our upcoming workshop might not be ideal. I called for a short meeting with my team members from Project Somebody so that we can discuss on how we can change the activity. 

This activity involved participants to take turns to say 1 thing they have done with/for their parents/grandparents. Our initial plan was that other participants who have never done that particular activity will have to close 1 finger. When all fingers are closed, the player is eliminated. The last remaining player wins. 

The notion of eliminating players seem to have a sense of negativity and might be viewed as a form of guilt-trip for the target audience. Hence, we decided to flip the game around where all participants will start with no fingers open. Each of them will still take turns to say 1 thing they have done with/for their parents/grandparents. But, this time participants will open their finger for each thing they have done. This will continue until all fingers are opened.

Even though the change to the game is slight, this version would feel more similar to that of a sharing session instead of a “shaming” ritual. 

Card Game Trial #1

Another game we designed is a card game that would be played during our workshop where we came up with different questions where we could test our participants’ understanding of their family members.

1st time trying out the game
Our team and 2 other friends came to help out for the game trial


  1. Participants sit in a circle in groups of 5-7 and will be assigned a number each.
  2. Players take turns to draw a a Question card.
  3. The Player who just drew the Question card will click on the “number generator”.
  4. The “number generator” will flash a number and the player with this number assigned to him/her will be the Partner for this round.
  5. Based on the question, the Partner will have to act out the answer to the Question and the Player will be given 30 seconds to guess the correct answer.
  6. If both of their answer matches, they get to choose a reward each (1 x art material for card-making). If not, they will not get any reward.
  7. There are also Joker cards in between the deck where the Player and the Partner would have to perform what the card says.

Question Cards

  1. What is your (grand)parents’ favourite food? 
  2. What is your (grand)parents’ zodiac animal? 
  3. What is your (grand)parents’ favourite sport? 
  4. What is your (grand)parents’ occupation?
  5. Who is your (grand)parents’ favourite singer/band? (You can do an impression!)
  6. Who is your (grand)parents’ favourite actor/actress? (You can do an impression!)
  7. What is your (grand)parents’ favourite song? (You can sing it!)
  8. What is your (grand)parents’ favourite movie/TV series? (You can do an impression!)
  9. What is your (grand)parents’ favourite toy?
  10. What is an activity that you like to do with your (grand)parents during weekend?
  11. Where did you go for the first holiday with your (grand)parents? 
  12. What is your (grand)parents’ hidden talent?
  13. What is your (grand)parents’ signature dish?
  14. What is your (grand)parents’ favourite animal?
  15. What is the best thing you have done to your (grand)parents?
  16. What is the craziest (outrageous or memorable) thing you have done with your (grand)parents?
  17. What is your (grand)parents’ hobby?
  18. What is your (grand)parents’ horoscope?
  19. What is your (grand)parents’ dialect? (You can say something in the dialect)
  20. What is your (grand)parents’ favourite fruit?

Joker Cards

  1. Sing a song with “family” in the lyrics. 
  2. Pick up your phone and call your parents to say “I love you.” 
  3. Share an embarrassing moment of your childhood.
  4. Do a funny dance.