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Reflection & Thoughts

The Age of No Retirement came out with a list of principles to assist designers in intergenerational projects. The list is currently still under beta-testing. However, test results have shown to be positive where 86% agreed that these principles are important with “Safe and secure”, “Clear and intuitive”, “Time-efficient”, “Delightful” and “Accessible” being the top contenders. A significantly lesser number of respondents, only 16% to be exact, think that these principles are being abided by current brands. When the list of principles is formalised, it could potentially become the definitive approach used in intergenerational design field as well as informing other fields of studies. 

The 10 Principles of Integenerational Design: 

  1. Safe and secure: Clear of signs that might infringe on rights of safety, privacy, information security and respecting personal rights avoiding discrimination
  2. Clear and intuitive: User-friendly; easy to understand and easy to operate
  3. Time-efficient: Optimising time usage and operating speed should be appropriate; not too slow or too fast
  4. Delightful: Aesthetically appealing and user experience should be enjoyable
  5. Accessible: Easily attainable or reachable as and when needed without requiring an excessive amount of effort
  6. Human condition: Enabling the attachment to other people physically or mentally
  7. Flexibility: Variety of choices, easy to adapt, and not punishing errors too harshly
  8. Right effort: Appropriate level of physical or/and mental effort; not too overpowering on the senses (sight, sound, touch etc.)
  9. Empowering: Ability to promote development and autonomy, to improve self-esteem and social worth
  10. Sustainable: Maintained in terms of environmental or economic development, durability, social unity or inclusivity