Laser Cut #2

Cutting acrylic

The next day after creating the 1st prototype, I went back to McNally to make 3 more trees so that I could start proper testing in the upcoming week. 

I made 2 more trees with the remaining wood I had and I made 1 with acrylic (1 piece of clear + 1 piece of  matte clear). 

Building the Testing Kits

10-second recorder
Assembling the base
Installing the sound recorder

I have ordered some sound recorders from a supplier to be used for the prototypes. The sound recorder are able to record and save a 10-second audio internally. There are 2 buttons, one is used for recording while the other one is used for playback. 

Assembling the trees

I would be testing the acrylic version with my family. The other 3 would be passed to 3 different families to collect initial test results for Viva presentation. 

The trees would be returned to them after that to continue collect more results.