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I took inspiration from the marbling patterns that the paint creates to use as the design for the cards. I wanted to use circle cards as the circle is a universal symbol for unity, which is in line with the objective of my game. As I have 3 different categories ( Reminisce, Imagine, Learn), I created 3 designs to go with each category. The marbling effect were done with a swirling effect to match the circle shape. 

Initial Tests

Testing of colours on canvas
1st try on the card designs

I tried to create the swirling patterns using the marbling paint on wood, acrylic paper and canvas. The plan was to digitalise it and add the category name on top of the patterns. However, the results were not to my liking.  Although the colours turned out fine, the patterns were too messy to be used on the cards. The paints were difficult to control to get the optimal results. Perhaps, I would need more practice to achieve better results. 

Initial Digital Artworks

I gave another go at using the marbling effect, but this time creating the design digitally. I think the results were much better as I had more control over the colours and outcome of the patterns. I showed my design to some of my peers and received some feedback to further improve the design. 


Some pointers to consider: 

  • Use a simpler font for “Rippling Conversations”
  • Shift “Rippling Conversations” to below the category name
  • Add logo to the bottom of the card
  • Maybe try using solid colours for the backgrounds
  • White text might look better
  • Might consider using a sans serif or serif font for the cards as older generations might not be able to read