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Discussions & Planning

After a period of outreach and informal presentations, the step for me is to start discussions with some of the potential organisations that expressed interest to incorporate my interventions either in their current or new programmes.

Happiness Initiative

Ms Neo Miao Lin from Happiness Initiative (a social enterprise that focuses on happiness and well-being) approached me during the Grandparent’s Day Showcase and was interested in using Rippling Conversations as part of a new educational workshop for children that they are working on. She liked in the art-making aspect of the game and thought it would make a good programme to educate young children on crafts and making.

SingHealth Community Hospitals

Previously, I had some discussions with a staff working at SingHealth on my project. I managed to gain the interest of 2 of their branches. Sengkang Community Hospital is looking at incorporating Rippling Conversations as a ward activity for volunteers to engage their patients with while Outram Community Hospital is interested in using it as part of the reminisce therapy programme. Further planning and discussions will come in the next few weeks.

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