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Implementation Plan

Previously, I was looking at designing various programmes with SingHealth Community Hospitals and Happiness Initiative to incorporate my interventions into ward activities, reminisce therapy programme for SingHealth and a children educational programme for Happiness Initiative.

Due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, I had to re-navigate my research and replan my final outcomes for it. For the intergenerational game, I am now working with Bernice, a MA Art Therapy student who specialised in working with seniors at risk, also from LASALLE to adapt it into a clinical toolkit for her to use with her patients. As for the family tree, I thought of using generative design or parametric design to create unique shapes for different families. This would lead to a collection of different family trees to celebrate the diversity of intergenerational relationships. After completion, all of these interventions would be showcased through open source templates and guides on an educational website for intergenerational design.

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