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Date: 15 – 16 January 2020
Time: 1.00 pm – 4.30 pm
Address: LASALLE College of the Arts (McNally)

LASALLE and Sint Lucas Antwerp invite you to map the city and community from inside-out. What makes life in Singapore meaningful? What are the issues at stake – the poetry as the misery, the personal, the political? Together as a diverse and inclusive group, we will capture these narratives through visual mappings, infographics, photo series and other cartographic explorations. Under the guidance of Dutch/Belgium designer Annelys de Vet, participants will be guided to make their visual voices heard and bring that to a site specific exhibition. The developed works will form the starting point to make a Subjective Atlas of Singapore.

Workshop Day 1

The workshop started with a presentation on Unmapping Singapore. Ms Annelys de Vet, a Belgium based designer, curator and initiator gave us an inside look at how her project of Subjective Atlases started out. She mentioned how it is important for us, the citizens of a country, to start defining our home the way we want to; using narratives to give meaning to our home and defining our unique culture. 

Ms Annelys de Vet presenting
Workshop participants

After the presentation, we were given approximately 15 minutes to sketch an idea that we have for our “map” of Singapore. As I am working on my research on ageing in Singapore, naturally, I chose to create a map depicting our ageing population. 

Initial ideas by participants
Mine is the one on the bottom centre
Each of us were given about 5 minutes to share
Group discussion

Workshop Day 2

Round-table discussion

The next day, we came back with more ideas and did a short round-table discussion. It was interesting to see how each one of us have a different perspective of what Singapore is, and what is it exactly that defines us. 

After the sharing, we were tasked to go out of the campus to snap photos for inspirations and also to start collecting data to create our maps. 


I provided 2 contributions to be considered for the Atlas. The 1st map is a depiction of Singapore’s age demographic in 30 years’ time; in 2050. The 2nd contribution is taken from my research in Semester 1. 

Map 1: An Ageing Young Nation

Map 2: Ageless Dreams

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