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I designed and implemented an educational website on intergenerational design to present the scope of my project to a wider audience. The main objective of this website is to equip prospective users working on intergenerational projects (organisations, changemakers, or other designers) with theories and methods to assist them in various stages: planning, designing, implementation, and evaluation. 

The website has 3 components: 

  1. Discover — Frameworks, guidelines, and theories
  2. Toolkits — Step-by-step guides and open source templates
  3. Case Studies — Success stories with partners and collaborators

The key theories and frameworks from this research are summarised and presented on the website to help guide intergenerational practices. The online toolkits are designed and presented to enable the replication of the proposed design interventions. The case studies looks at implementation of these methods in the real world. 

This website acts as the conclusion to the research. I hope that through this platform I would be able to  bring the benefits of intergenerational design to the wider community, and also to inspire other changemakers and organisations to implement their own intergenerational projects. 

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