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Date: 11 January 2020
Time: 9.00 am – 12.30 pm
Address: Canal near Blk 79 Circuit Road Food Centre

The National Arts Council’s island-wide network of arts and culture nodes is developed for people to come together to participate in, enjoy, and experience the value of the arts in their neighbourhood. Arts@MacPherson by Participate in Design is part of the NAC Arts and Culture Nodes Network.⁣⁣

Art Critic Session

I was invited by P!D to attend an Art Critic Session to give feedback and suggestions for their in-progress art project at MacPherson. We were each given feedback forms to write our thoughts as we visited each of the different venue for the installation. 


The installations were done by local artists and designers. Most of them were present and they took turns to explain to us about their vision and their objectives. Some of the works are still concepts while others are more developed. 

Collective Good
By Ernest Goh

Collective Good explores both the virtual and physical ‘thumbs up’ through bringing the hand gesture into a public space.

Hand casting for residents
Artist impression of the installation

By Lee Xin Yi

Crossroads encourages cross-generational interactions through thoughtful placements of shared memories on outdoor furniture.

Xin Yi presenting his work
View from under the umbrella
Drawings by kids

A Playful Spark
By Matthew Sia

A Playful Spark uses the light drawings of residents to document the people and places of a neighbourhood.

DIY torches to create interesting photos using light

Walk With Me
By Leow Wei Li

Walk With Me transforms an everyday sidewalk into a mural of neighbourhood icons designed together with residents of all ages.

View of pavement art from overhead bridge
Wei Li showing us her concept arts
Painting the neighbourhood cats
Kids painting on the pavements

Final Thoughts

It was interesting to see how other artists and designers were able to involve the community in contributing to the installations. I do feel that there is much to learn from each of them as all of them used very different approaches. It is always very heartening to see residents coming together to make changes to their surroundings and to really play a part in the community. 

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