Brief 1: Family Game Testing #1

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I was researching to look for a craft or art medium that would be simple for anyone to use. It would be nice if I could engage the players in crafts-making through a game and participating in a co-creation activity in the process. The created artefacts could also be a memento for the players after the game has ended. I was considering using watercolour or acrylic paint before I came across a paint called marbling paint — also known as the paint that floats on water. I read that it is very simple use and could be used to create beautiful patterns. I designed a game centred on using this art medium. 


  1. Choose a colour of the marbling paint to represent yourself. 
  2. As you share something with the other players, drip one drop of your colour into the filled water tray. 
  3. After some discussion, the colours and patterns would intensify in the water tray (symbolising the richness of the conversations). 
  4. Dip an object into the water tray and create an artefact (a visual representation of the interactions in the game). 

Game Trial #1

I did a simple test with my family and the results turn out quite well. We each coloured 1 ice cream stick to use as bookmarks. We played another round, where I collected our conversations on a piece of canvas. My idea is to collect canvases from a number of families (aim: 30) to create a collection of art pieces to advocate for intergenerational relationships. 

Water tray with marbling paints
Placing the ice cream sticks into the water tray
Coloured ice cream sticks
2nd round
Dipping canvas into the water tray
Coloured canvas