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Game Trial #2

29 October 2019

I did a testing with Abi and Dana with my new game concept. I realised the game was suitable for friends to bond as much as it was for families. The set-up is very simple and the game mechanism is kept very flexible. The questions in the conversation cards were extracted from an ongoing survey I have created to gain insights on what family members wanted to know about each other.

Conversation cards
Simple set-up
Abi and Dana trying out the game
The colours are starting to look interesting
Final pattern
Placing the ice cream sticks in
Removing the excess paint on the water
Final artefacts created


Some pointers from Harah, Andreas and my classmates to consider: 

  • Concept is good but design of the cards need to be improved
  • Consider other items to create (canvas bags, mugs etc.)
  • Overall presentation and packaging is needed