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Millennials Show Us What ‘Old’ Looks Like

What age do you consider to be old? We posed that question to millennials and asked them to show us what “old” looks like. Then we introduced them to some real “old” people. Watch what happens when folks let go of their outdated beliefs and embrace the idea that aging is not about decline – it’s about growth.  #DisruptAging

Video & extract from American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

Reflection & Thoughts

In general, younger people tends to view age differently from the older people. From the video, we can see the negative stereotypes of older people imprinted in the minds of the young. I really love how this short activity is able to change mindsets so quickly. The younger participants genuinely look like they realised their misconceptions about ageing by the end of the activity. Hopefully, campaigns like this can continue to promote positive images of ageing. (Update: After further research, a similar project was found, but done in the Singapore context. )

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