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Date of survey: 19 Mar 2019 to 12 Apr 2019

The Kit

After minor rephrasing and amendments of some of fields in the survey form, I started to send my probe kit out. My target audience for this survey were the older family members and relatives of my peers (age range between late 40s to 60s). A total of 29 participants took part in this experiment. 

Final probe kit

Behind the Scenes

Some of the in-progress photos provided by the participants: 

The Artefacts

My 1st dream is to go on more holidays with my family. I want to fly on first-class. My 2nd dream is to learn Chinese Calligraphy when I retire. 

-Mr Never Old, 59, Singaporean

Self-employed, Director

Keywords: Travel, Leisure, Family, Money, Interests, Learning

This is a house that represents the evolution of my perception of dreams as I grow in age. When I was younger I had many different dreams which are represented by the many different colours in the wide foundation of the house. But, as I gradually grew older, some of those dreams are not realised, abandoned, not as important. This explains the narrower width as the structure progress in height. My final dream is to be happy. Love the life that I live and can say that I have been there and done that. Aspire to live healthily and independently. 

-Ms Jelly Beanz, 58, Singaporean

Full-time, Teacher

Keywords: Happiness, Life, Health, Independence, Memories, Regret

My dream is to become a healthy and rich woman, travel to all countries by air or cruise. Life is short. To enjoy life whenever possible. 

-Ms Sim Bee Hoe, 65, Singaporean


Keywords: Health, Money, Travel, Life, Leisure

My plan is to build a integrated farm (self-sustainable). It consists of trees, plants, crops, vegetables, live stock (cow, goat), fish pond. It is eco-friendly — natural energy production for the family. We can consume the produce, which is free from harmful chemicals and good for health and also excess produce can be sold, so it can be profitable too. The family members can work in the farm, it is sustainable. I wish all the people to form similar or at least a garden for their own good and it can also be a hobby. 

-Mr Athmanathan R, 56, Singapore PR

Part-time, Senior Software Engineer

Keywords: Environment, Safety, Money, Family, Leisure, Life

Keywords: Health, Life, Accomplishment, Happiness, Learning

I want to be able to climb the mountains to see the beautiful scenery and landscapes. In life, we need to take one step at a time to reach the top. My world is a very colourful one! I am also considering learning new things like yoga or nutrition! 

-Ms AYCH, 62, Singaporean

Self-employed, Manager

Keywords: Comfort, Memories, Family

I want to have a time machine, complete with a comfy reclining chair, to go back in time and relive my past memories with my family.

-Ms Kay, 58, Singaporean

Full-time, Sales Manager

Keywords: Home, Religion, Peace

I built a temple, because it reminds me of a big and popular temple in my hometown. It is called Thanjavur big temple. The temple symbolises home for me, because it is huge, when we drive to my hometown we can see it from a distance, signifying that we have arrived. We can also see it from anywhere in the town. It also symbolises peace and calmness.

-Ms Gowri, 49, Indian


Keywords: Travel, Leisure, Freedom

I want to travel all over the world on a cruise, being away from all the housework such as cooking, cleaning, and tidying. 

-Ms Jung, 58, Singaporean

Housewife, Former Cellist

Keywords: Interests, Learning

I want to be an artist. I want to learn to play guitar.  

-Ms Three, 61, Singaporean

Full-time, Admin Assistant

Keywords: Travel, Health

Want to go travel around the world, while I’m still able to. As I begin to feel very tired when standing for an hour. 

-Mr Kit Kat, 60, Singaporean

Part-time, Cleaner

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