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The design briefs below were modified from Layering the Research #2. Amendments were made to address some of the discussion points Nur pointed out during my consultation. 

5 Days Brief

Chain of Dreams (continuation of cultural probe)

  • Design a brochure that questions if we know our parents’ or grandparents’ dreams
  • Print 5 copies and pass it to 5 different people with a set of Lego bricks and markers
  • After doing the activity with their parents/grandparents, they can take a picture and send it to an email provided and pass the materials to the next person
  • Create an Instagram page and showcase these dreams to raise awareness
Below is the rough design for the brochure. 
Front of brochure
Back of brochure

5 Days Brief

Do-It-Together-to-Win Challenge

  • Design a checklist of various activities for intergenerational bonding
  • Find 5 pairs of participants to take part in the challenge
  • Younger participants (age 18-30)
  • Older participants (50 & above)
  • Teams will be given 2 weeks to complete as many tasks as possible
  • A token reward will be given at the end of the challenge depending on the number of tasks completed
Example of checklist

1 Month Brief

Photo Collection of Older “Everyday” People in Singapore

  • Taking on the personas of an educator and an photojournalist
  • Showcase success stories and their contributions to society
  • Produce positive images of ageing