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How Old Is Old? | Turn Back The Clock

What age do millennials consider ‘old’? A group of young Singaporeans get their stereotypes about age challenged, in this social experiment where we spring a surprise on them.

Is ageing all in the mind?

Video & extract from CNA Insider


Reflection & Thoughts

From the video, we can see that Singaporeans do also carry similar stereotypical views of older people like the participants in the AARP campaign. One limitation I noticed from both projects is that they are based on a small sample size and the data collected are qualitative. For my research, I will conduct my own survey on the perceptions of ageing to see if the results are similar. I will be collecting quantitative data in order to see if I am able to do any generalisations on the perceptions of ageing in Singapore. (Update: Survey conducted between 21 March 2019 to 9 April 2019. )

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