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We were each given two roles to work on. One of them from the design field while the other is from other industries. The objective is to merge both of these personas together and think of how we can approach our research topic. 

Brainstorming Process

Some of my initial ideas were a music-themed restaurant and a sing-a-long cookbook. I thought the cookbook idea was quite a ridiculous idea and the themed restaurant wasn’t that original an idea to begin with. After a few days of ideation, I was back to square one. 

Changing My Approach

I thought of going back to the basic where Nur told us to identify keywords and issues for a big topic. Instead of keywords, I tried to “put myself in the shoes” of the individual personas and think of their main objectives and concerns. 

Objectives/Concerns of a Chef: 

  1. Good culinary skills
  2. Health & nutrition
  3. Creative dishes
  4. Sourcing ingredients
  5. Tastes & trends

Objectives/Concerns of a Music Producer: 

    1. Good musicality
    2. Scouting talents/musicians
    3. Creative work
    4. High capital
    5. Tastes & trends

After listing them out individually, I tried to find if there was any intersection or link between them. 

Venn diagram of chef and music producer

From the venn diagram above, we can see that both personas require some form of creativity for their jobs. Both roles also need to be aware of the current taste and trends in order to produce works that can be appreciated by their intended audience. Both personas do have a certain social responsibility associated with them. Food and nutrition keeps one physically fit. Some would say “Music is food for the soul”. Both music and food are able to affect people on an emotional level. 

Final Outcome

The research topic I have chosen to work on is “Active Ageing”. My final idea is to create a health and wellness mobile application that involves food and music. 

Final Idea

Learning Points

After the presentation in class (View slides), I was surprised that Nur and some of my classmates actually thought it was interesting. Alas, I didn’t delve deeper into it. Perhaps, in future I shouldn’t “shoot” down my ideas immediately and explore a bit further. 

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