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Progress Update

Development/Synthesis of Design Practice
  1. Rippling Conversations
    • Testing with Art Therapy MA student
    • Dementia patients at a nursing home
    • Transferable knowledge to other disciplines
  1. InterGen Design (Educational Website)
    • Presentation of design interventions in open-source templates, guides, to inspire organisations and changemakers
    • Frameworks would also be included to provide basic understanding of intergenerational design
    • Potential partners (U 3rd Age, Project Somebody, Ageless Online) could be engaged to contribute to the toolkits and showcase their programmes
How the research question(s)/hypothesis are resolved?
  1. What are the approaches and applications of intergenerational design that are effective in helping to foster intergenerational understanding, which in turn, would help to bridge generations?
    • Through programmes and activities (intergenerational practice) that use experiential learning and cooperative play to induce nostalgic reflection among participants
  1. How might beneficiaries such as community organisations, changemakers and other professionals be informed and educated in employing intergenerational design in current intergenerational practices?
    • Knowledge is communicated to organisations and changemakers through the use of frameworks and guides on the educational website
    • Research journey would act as a blueprint for other researchers embarking on an intergenerational design project

Formative Feedback

  • Good use of the framework to demonstrate the development/synthesis of your design practice.
  • Be very clear about Phase 3 Implementation – how you intend to produce impact with the testing/results from the MA AT students.
  • The full disclosure of her involvement and conditions of her input should be clarified in the thesis writing.
  • Overall, the research practice is well organised and you should focus on fully articulating the development of this study in the
    thesis writing.

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