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Which of the 3 frameworks of design (Buchanan, Krippendorff, Hara) best aligns to your project?

I believe my project aligns most closely to Kenya Hara’s framework of Unknowing Design. Hara mentioned that designers do not have to only inform. They could also make things unknown. It is the process of unknowing and unlearning that enable us to create more knowledge. I feel that for my research, there are times that I need to unknow in order to have a fresh take on things instead of falling back to previous assumptions. 

My Framework

This is a framework I designed after my residency. I learnt that in any programme or  workshop there should be cooperative play and experiential learning to stimulate interactions between the participants. The participants will engage in co-creation, which results in co-created artefacts and/or experiences. The designer and the participants will perform the analysis together to extract the necessary data. Together, reflective practice is performed where participants and the designer could reflect on their actions. The newly gained insights could become new knowledge, which then informs the designer. The designer would use this new knowledge to make improvements or decide on the direction of the next programme or workshop.