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Cultural Probes

I was informed by Harah that the students from BA Design did a cultural probe exercise based on my study. I went to D301 at the McNally Campus to take a look at the works. 

Probe 1 “The Memento Box”: 

Probe 2: 

Probe 3 “Positive Ageing”: 

Probe 4 “My Life’s Journey”: 

Probe 5 “Afterlife”: 

Probe 6 “Take the Long Way Home”: 

Probe 7: 

Probe 8: 

Probe 9: 

Probe 10: 

Probe 11: 

Probe 12: 

Reflection & Thoughts

Ageing is such a complex and multifaceted concept that encompasses so many different aspects — many of which are not within the scope of my research but are worthy to explore. It is very heartwarming to see how the BA students put so much thoughts into their cultural probes, in hope to really understand the ageing population better.