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Andreas taught as how to use the laser cutter machine, which is capable of cutting and engraving. Our task was to create a physical data representation of the data visualisation we created in the Coding 1 Exercise

Preparation for Laser Cutting

Before we can use the laser cutter machine, we had to prepare a vector file of the shapes we wanted to cut on Adobe Illustrator (AI). 

Laser Cutting Room
Control panel on laser cutter
Transferring file to laser cutter
Editing our AI files
Final AI file
Placing acrylic in laser cutter

Final Outcome

Laser cutter in action
Final pieces cut
Final product

Learning Points

Sometimes, we can understand data better when we can view it visually and especially when it is produced as a 3D model which we can touch with our hands. It gives a new dimension to the data collected. 

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