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10-Min Presentation

Practice to Theory

  1. Think about what you want to communicate through your research. 
  2. What is your design practice?
  3. What is your design contribution?

Levels of Action

  1. Micro-level (individual actions)
  2. Meso-level (group actions)
  3. Macro-level (institutional actions)

Design Discourse

  1. How does discourse relate to your project?


Some pointers from Harah and my classmates to consider: 

  • Look at how things diffuse (top-down/ bottom-up)
  • Street wear for seniors
  • Centralised diffusion (how does it happens? group? source?)
  • Modular workshop planner (pick and choose your own activities/method and framework/flexibility;entry and exit point)
  • Look at the residency initiatives (what are the similar core values)
  • Dating platform for older adults
  • Silver villages (seniors living among themselves)
  • Focus on families, but what about those that do not have them? 
  • Could focus on the richness of narratives