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Brief Overview

Date of presentation: 3 October 2019 
Presentation length: 5-10 min


  • What is the main topic/issue/problem?
  • how does this inform the research objective(s)?


  • Overview of activities
  • Include visuals/examples to show what was done
  • Outline the key insights/findings

Future Directions

  • What is the current status of your research?
  • How have the residency findings led to the design briefs?



Abi, Dana and I went to our Winstedt studio to practise our presentations on a Saturday afternoon (28 September). We familiarise with our presentation flow and also gave critical feedback to each other. 

My presentation
Abi's presentation
Dana's presentation

The following Monday, I met up with Nadine, together with Shirley, to run through my slides with her. The feedback was that the information on the slides seemed to cluttered and I should space them out a bit more. I was also asked to place my focus on the residency part as it would be better way for me to showcase what I had done to the audience. After the consultation, we did a round of rehearsals at the lecture theatre with the class, Harah and Andrew Shea, a visiting professor from New York who will also be moderating our public seminar.