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Proposed Timeline

This is the proposed timeline for my 15 months research plan. I am currently near the end of the first 3 months. My research methodology involves a mixture of both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. The research plan will be continuous updated as the project progresses. 

A deductive approach will be used to analyse the data collected from the survey, field studies, and the cultural probe. In the next stage, I would start to analyse the data collected and make my own deductions. Content analysis will be conducted on the observations of the ethnographic research and the artefacts produced by the cultural probe. After that, I will start to formulate strategies and hypothesis. A hypothesis-driven prototype will be designed. Pilot tests with two distinct age groups of 18-30 (teenagers to younger adults) and 50-70 (older adults) would be conducted for testing and validation. After that, improvements would be made, and another round of user testing would occur to test the final impact of the prototype. Another survey similar to the first one would be conducted to see if there is any changes of perceptions on age and retirement after the pilot study. Finally, the research would end with a conclusion of my findings and recommendations for further work.