Showcase: Trials, Errors and Surprises

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Date: 13 March 2019
Time: 5 pm
Venue: W-B106 MA Design Studio at Winstedt

This series of workshop provided us with the fundamentals on merging design, programming, electronics and prototyping. With an engineering background, I had experience with coding and hardware during my undergraduate years. These workshops gave us the opportunity to incorporate “sensing” (data collection, user testing), “coding” (JavaScript, C/C++) and “making” (circuitry, prototyping, laser cutting). 

Overview of exhibit

The Set Up

My individual projects
Urban Fieldworks exhibit
User Testing exhibit with Abi and Preseetha
Photos from Urban Fieldworks project
Prototyping exhibit
Button exhibit with Dana
Sound clips from various locations

The Presentation

Visitors viewing our works
A visitor at my booth
Abi trying out our "button" switch
Visitor trying out our user testing demo

The Conclusion

With Abi and Preseetha
With Dana
With my classmates and Andreas

I really enjoyed myself in this 10-week workshop with Andreas. The weekly exercises were fun and really gave us the opportunity to explore different techniques and methods. Now that the workshop is over, I think it’s time to put more time into my research project. With new skills acquired from this workshop, it would be interesting to explore how I can incorporate some of these newfound knowledge to my project.