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Part 1 (1 October 2019)

Andrew's Revolving Doors project
"Environments shape much of our individual behaviours"
Research on different types of revolving doors
Open source toolkit

Andrew started the workshop by sharing one of his personal project “Nudging People to Use Revolving Doors: Improving the Choice Architecture at Building Entryways” where he printed simple signage to encourage people to use revolving doors more. Surprising, the little interventions that he did  resulted were very effective. Perhaps, changing behaviours can be done through small steps like this. Below is a video of the TED talk Andrew did for this project. 

The 2nd part of the lesson, Andrew gave us a set of worksheets that helped us translate our research into feasible outcomes. I paired with Sze Yunn for this activity. We were looking at both of our projects and helping to fill in for each other. 

Example on how to find the symptoms and causes of a problem
Our worksheets

Part 2 (2 October 2019)

For the 2nd day of the workshop, we continued and completed the rest of the worksheets. 

Example how to list the consequences of an intervention
Example of a journey map
Example of how to identify the stages